A church for Spanish-speakers in Orange County

This time last year I had gotten good at pointing out impossible problems. – Our county is 20% Latino and we have hardly any Spanish-speaking-churches. There are lot of people who need faith, community, and connection – but have challenged because of language. – I got a lot of practice at thinking about the obstacles related to planting a church headed into our church district meeting in early October 2021.

This year – we celebrated God’s work with our first joint-worship service with our newly-planted Spanish-speaking church. (And installed Pastor Gilbert as it’s pastor) https://IglesiaHispanaGoshen.org launched Easter of 2022. Pastor Gilbert moved here last October and did so much ground-breaking work… And now – God has been so kind – We have a church body of nearly 50 people worshiping each Sunday in Spanish on our church campus. It’s been a lot of work by lots of people but I’m thankful to see God at work around us. (check out the video below for a glimpse of a backyard baptism service from this day)