“Being Reformed”

A lot of my evangelical friends assume that “being reformed” is mostly sitting around talking about how God determines coin flips – or something in that theological vein.

But, the fact is that “being reformed” means being a part of church accountability. (covenant networks across states and countries). “Being Reformed” means that celebrity pastors don’t call the shots, that local churches are somehow accountable to other local churches, that groups of churches make decisions together. And it’s a lot of work and it’s a hassle. And it can sometimes hold back a lot of the entrepreneurial energy and creativity that has propelled the evangelical machine.

But accountability is also healthier in the long-run. That less flashy leaders have to work within systems and be transparent, and work at distributing power in ways that avoid abuse and protect those who whisper. (This week I’ve been “being reformed” a lot… and it’s painful and time-consuming to help other pastors and churches work though decisions – but I’m convinced that it ultimately builds a stronger kingdom of Jesus.)

(pictured is the 1,300+ page agenda for our bi-national assembly called “synod”. taking place this week.)