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Pretty Packaged Earrings, All Wrapped Up for Christmas

I'll be honest- all this blogging about jewelry and accessories has me feeling rather silly. But I've been really encouraged by the fact that Noonday Sales are accomplishing a lot to get precious people out of poverty. Tonight I'll be listening in on a conference call between leaders at Noonday and International Justice Mission. I [...]

Keeping A Jesus Centered Christmas

A current theme in conversation topics with parents is “how do we keep a Christ centered Christmas?” As one of my friends put it out on facebook “Praying that the gifts we get for our children make them smile. Wondering where to draw the line... I mean how much does it really "cost" to make [...]

Third Day of Noonday!

Introducing the Stars Arm Warmer. A super cute finger-less glove made of soft (non-itchy)Alpaca wool. It comes in three colors (oatmeal, ash and black) -- ash (light gray) is my favorite color. The beautiful lace-like pattern and scalloped edges are the sweetest details and will make this glove the prettiest woolen thing to grace your [...]

On the 2nd Day of Noonday…

My true love gave to me - the Embira Seed Necklace and Bracelet. These pieces were handmade in Uganda by a group of artisans called African Style that Noonday helped launch.  I love these pieces too because the bracelet was my first Noonday Purchase - and what hooked me into becoming a representative for Noonday [...]


Prayer is a mysterious thing to me. I tend to get in my groove of everyday life and function with the understanding that God is God, and people are people and life is pain (“anyone who tells you differently is selling something”). Sometimes people get on my nerves and frustrate me, but at the end [...]