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?Narcissism has become normal.

This is what's wrong with America - from Philip Ryken on Narcissism - from City on a Hill: Reclaiming the Biblical Pattern for the Church page 10 (formating mine)  Narcissism is radical individualism, or infatuation with the self. In ancient Greek mythology, Narcissus was the beautiful youth who fell in love with his reflection. As he [...]

How to Lead People? – one at a time

Our Elder team at Goshen is talking a lot about how to better care for our congregation. - And we've tried hard to begin implementing a "shepherding" plan - largely modeled off of the ideas of one of my mentors at WTS, Tim Witmer. We're starting something really simple. Each elder is calling a church family [...]

What’s next for Goshen CRC? 2016

(this is kinda an “in-house” post for folks that are a part of our church community, but I don’t have another good place to publish it at the moment --> As we start our new year, I wanted to publish some of my report from our December Congregational Meeting for those of you who weren’t [...]

What I'm Reading – Who Do You Think You Are – Mark Driscoll

Finding a decent Bible Study curriculum for 15-17 year old girls is more challenging than one would think. I picked up Mark Driscoll"s new book for the HS girls small group I lead, and am loving the teaching coming from it. Drawing from Ephesians, it focuses on identity/idolatry issues and constantly brings it back to Jesus. [...]

‘Round Here – New Years 2013 – Prayer

Historically, I have hated New Years Eve. For me, it always marked the end of the most enchanting and wonder filled time of the year. Perhaps that's why I fell asleep around 11pm on the couch. It was my own passive-aggressive protest. We've enjoyed a wonderful Christmas visiting family in Pennsylvania and then catching up [...]

Keeping A Jesus Centered Christmas

A current theme in conversation topics with parents is “how do we keep a Christ centered Christmas?” As one of my friends put it out on facebook “Praying that the gifts we get for our children make them smile. Wondering where to draw the line... I mean how much does it really "cost" to make [...]

Reminders are needed… Gospel Cliff’s Notes

I've had a lot of conversations in the last couple weeks about how Christians can live with a sharp disconnect between what they believe and how they act. Inconsistency, hypocrisy, lack of character – we have lots of different labels  for something that we both hate in others and, when we’re brutally honest, see in ourselves. [...]


NEW TESTAMENT resource for YOUTH WORKERS. VOL II Jack Crabtree and some of his youth ministry friends (like Me, Kevin and EmLam and Jimmy)  wrote a bunch of youth group lessons complete with games application, etc – and finally the second volume is published. It’s a pretty huge publisher (that’s right dad, you will probably [...]

Book Review: To Transform A City (Swanson, Williams)

“The storyline of the Bible may begin in a garden, but it ends in a city.” Book Review: To Transform a City: Whole Church, Whole Gospel, Whole City One of my favorite gifts was a year-long subscription to Time Out New York – It comes to my mailbox once a week packed with events and [...]

routines and minor wonders.

"Soraya and I settled into the routines--and minor wonders--of married life.  We shared toothbrushes and socks, passed each other the morning paper. She slept on the right side of the bed, I preferred the left. She liked fluffy pillows, I liked the hard ones. She ate her cereal dry, like a snack, and chased it [...]