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Galatians Book Review (Schreiner, ZECNT)

I am often happily surprised at the way God speaks through his Word when one takes the time to read it slowly. I love reading commentaries for that reason.  Schreiner's commentary on Galatians (ZECNT) has been a pleasant discovery. Here's what you will discover. 1) Up-to-date, nicely concise summary of the academic debates surrounding Galatians. Schreiner did good job [...]

Book REVIEW: your church is too small

full disclosure. I’m participating in a blog tour with Zondervan to review a newly-published book your church is too small by John Armstrong. I ran into the author a bit when I was a teenager at America’s KESWICK. I received a pre-published copy for free. This is not a book about making your local church [...]

And I thought I was having a bad day…

I could bathe in self pity. Ever ended your day wanting to do just that? Enter the Gospel of Mark, chapter 3.  Meet my friend Jesus. Watch my 'woe is me' attitude dissipate--at least until the next time I set out to march into the "depths of despair." It all starts out nice and all, [...]

Look Mom, I wrote in a book.

The Complete NEW TESTAMENT resource for YOUTH WORKERS. Jack Crabtree and some of his youth ministry friends (like Me, Kevin and EmLam and Jimmy)  wrote a bunch of youth group lessons complete with games application, etc – and finally the first volume is published. It’s a pretty huge publisher (that’s right dad, you will probably [...]

Book Review: The Noticer by Andy Andrews

There are a thousand way of painting a picture of selflessness. The Noticer is the story of Jones told from Andy’s point of view – one a ragged voice of older wisdom who can mysteriously can read people and speak wisdom into their lives. The other, a misdirected homeless kid. The story uses the best [...]

Cocofé-my first review!

Never fear fellow Long-Islanders, Spring is almost here.  After our six hour defensive driving course (I know, I know--how lame, but we'll be spending 10% less on car insurance and we did not even switch to GEICO) Sam and I wandered down to Cold Spring Harbor and then made our way back to Huntington Village.  [...]

Free PDF of Piper’s New Book

Crossway is offering a free PDF copy of John Piper’s newest book entitled Finally Alive on their homepage. Click here to download it directly. Pipers is often worth the reading: From the publisher’s description of the book: When Jesus said to Nicodemus, ‘You must be born again’, the devout and learned religious leader was unsure [...]