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What I'm Reading – Who Do You Think You Are – Mark Driscoll

Finding a decent Bible Study curriculum for 15-17 year old girls is more challenging than one would think. I picked up Mark Driscoll"s new book for the HS girls small group I lead, and am loving the teaching coming from it. Drawing from Ephesians, it focuses on identity/idolatry issues and constantly brings it back to Jesus. [...]

Keeping A Jesus Centered Christmas

A current theme in conversation topics with parents is “how do we keep a Christ centered Christmas?” As one of my friends put it out on facebook “Praying that the gifts we get for our children make them smile. Wondering where to draw the line... I mean how much does it really "cost" to make [...]

One month with Logos Bible Software

I have long been one of those book snobs who looks down his glasses-indented nose at people whose primary book source is computer software. I think it was because I knew people who used Bible software as a substitute for studying, and I think there’s something spiritual that happens when someone studies the Bible well. [...]

Music You Should Hear – Part 1

Music you should hear… instead of whatever teenage heartthrob is winning teenage choice awards this year. This is the Reilly Band!  They're a group of solid Christians who make music about their walk with God and pretty incredible musicians.  I played in a high school band with the former drummer, and knew his wife from [...]

Only So Much Oil In the Ground (1975)

So Dad Sutter pointed me to this video to think about... from Tower of Power... perhaps a commentary on the current energy crisis... also, it's the anniversary of the writing of September (?) but also Ashley and my first month anniversary! There's only so much oil on the ground Sooner or later there won't be [...]