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Christmas Hope is Obeying God with Questions Unanswered (Sermon Video)

I'm a pastor, so studying God's word and presenting to people is something that's a big part of what I do - and I love it! This week GoshenCRC posted a balcony cam of the message. Christmas Hope is Obeying God with Questions Unanswered - it's kinda fascinating to think about how normal people respond to [...]

Source The Station & Community Fest!

Pre-baby, I used to work at an office right in the heart of Huntington Station. At lunch I’d often go for a walk to one of the best pizza places for lunch. On my walks I just started to notice things, and to care more for the community.  My mind would often day dream, wonder [...]

She Rides Painted Ponies, and Roars at Dinosaurs.

We love to go into what we call "the city"... and I think Colette is catching on. - Last Monday we took a trip to the city... mostly to see the Central Park Zoo... Colette assumed that every animal was a duck... that carousels were pretty normal and that Dinosaurs were to be run fearsomely at while making a loud "roaring" sound... in museums with great acoustics.

Days in the Life (of youth ministry?)

I wanted to share some video I've posted in the last couple days - I think they're hilarious (or possibly awesome..)... too good not to share at least.   The first video is from our Winter Retreat at Camp Spofford - The retreat was really incredible - hopefully I'll also post some video of some of the [...]

Peacemaking is my preaching jam

I preach at my church sometimes  - this last Sunday, given the upcoming holidays and possible holiday “drama”,  I was really burdened to talk about Peacemaking. If you missed it give it a listen. (it's the recording from the early service, I think I was more confident the second time around) Listen To Sunday’s Sermon: [...]

Event Recap-Columbus Day is for Scavenger Hunting

Our youth group kids are hilarious – a couple weeks ago we had (for Columbus day) a Video Scavenger Hunt around Huntington Village. It seemed like an appropriate way of honoring a famous explorer. I’m really thankful to the leaders, especially EmLam who made it all happen – but enjoy these – our kids are [...]

Long Island Water (beaches/baths & Baby)

The upside of living on and Island is that it's surrounded by water. (there's a quotable)  We've had a lot of fun taking Colette to the Fire Island Light House - (several times actually). Last week we wanted to take her again but Field 5 of Robert Moses was closed from the hurricane damage - so we [...]