Showing God’s Love – a unified vision and plan for Goshen CRC

Showing God's Love - a unified vision and plan for Goshen CRC Last summer we began some important conversations that will sharpen and improve how Goshen does ministry. It was around the time we installed new deacons and elders. Guys were just starting up their new terms all asking the same questions – “what are [...]

How to Lead People? – one at a time

Our Elder team at Goshen is talking a lot about how to better care for our congregation. - And we've tried hard to begin implementing a "shepherding" plan - largely modeled off of the ideas of one of my mentors at WTS, Tim Witmer. We're starting something really simple. Each elder is calling a church family [...]

What’s next for Goshen CRC? 2016

(this is kinda an “in-house” post for folks that are a part of our church community, but I don’t have another good place to publish it at the moment --> As we start our new year, I wanted to publish some of my report from our December Congregational Meeting for those of you who weren’t [...]

Where are we going?: Raising Godly Kids

(this is kinda an “in-house” post for folks that are a part of our church community, but I don’t have another good place to publish it at the moment) - see What's Next for GCRC for the first post in this series.  One of my tasks as a pastor is to help our church discover [...]

My words tattled on my heart, and it made me think

I love to have conversations about things that give or threaten comfort. The weather here has been a story line in itself, and I’ll bet that most of you have started or engaged in hundreds of conversations about it in the last month. I'll talk to perfect strangers, without hesitation, about all of the snow, record cold, driving hazards, [...]

Words for a Broken World (Sermon Series)

This sermon series started as a question ? I started thinking about how our world seems so fundamentally broken. I kept getting distracted by the technology that makes it really easy to see when hundreds of young girls get kidnapped in Nigeria by an evil dictator, or when suicide bombings strike Istanbul or when there's a massacres over cartoons [...]

Our Shield, Our God

v. 10  For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness.  Psalm 84:10 (ESV) Why is being with God better? BUT WHY?... why is it better? why? I've heard this verse used as the beginning to worship sets [...]

rambling thoughts – youth ministry/girls’ hearts/psalm 46

Spring Cleaning around my house unearthed some treasures  - one in the form of a notebook from 4 years ago, filled with the prayer requests of my small group girls when they were still in junior high. I had to smile – there was a lot of time discussing and praying for pets back then [...]

X-Ray Questions – Checking for functional gods/idols…

This is a pretty powerful set of questions that can really get to our own personal idols that hide so well. It's worth spending some time with this handout with an open heart where we had false gods. X-Ray Questions[1] "These questions can help you think more clearly and deeply about why you do the [...]

39 Prayers for Students

I received this from one of the youth group moms - I really appreciate the ministry of prayer that so many of our leaders and parents have - I encourage you to pray these with us. Salvation. "Lord, let salvation spring up within my children, that they may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus, with eternal [...]