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Showing God’s Love – a unified vision and plan for Goshen CRC

Showing God's Love - a unified vision and plan for Goshen CRC Last summer we began some important conversations that will sharpen and improve how Goshen does ministry. It was around the time we installed new deacons and elders. Guys were just starting up their new terms all asking the same questions – “what are [...]

What’s next for Goshen CRC? 2016

(this is kinda an “in-house” post for folks that are a part of our church community, but I don’t have another good place to publish it at the moment --> As we start our new year, I wanted to publish some of my report from our December Congregational Meeting for those of you who weren’t [...]

Christmas Hope is Obeying God with Questions Unanswered (Sermon Video)

I'm a pastor, so studying God's word and presenting to people is something that's a big part of what I do - and I love it! This week GoshenCRC posted a balcony cam of the message. Christmas Hope is Obeying God with Questions Unanswered - it's kinda fascinating to think about how normal people respond to [...]

She Rides Painted Ponies, and Roars at Dinosaurs.

We love to go into what we call "the city"... and I think Colette is catching on. - Last Monday we took a trip to the city... mostly to see the Central Park Zoo... Colette assumed that every animal was a duck... that carousels were pretty normal and that Dinosaurs were to be run fearsomely at while making a loud "roaring" sound... in museums with great acoustics.

Event Recap-Columbus Day is for Scavenger Hunting

Our youth group kids are hilarious – a couple weeks ago we had (for Columbus day) a Video Scavenger Hunt around Huntington Village. It seemed like an appropriate way of honoring a famous explorer. I’m really thankful to the leaders, especially EmLam who made it all happen – but enjoy these – our kids are [...]

Colette’s fourth day (Monday)

Mondays are nice at our house. After her first night home (not a ton of sleep), Colette spend her first day getting to know the surroundings and animals, furniture, routine (hopefully?) and people who are a part of our home. Also she learned that she has to play the piano... it's grand. [monoslideshow id=7] [nggallery id=7]