I’m a pastor, so studying God’s word and presenting to people is something that’s a big part of what I do – and I love it! This week GoshenCRC posted a balcony cam of the message. Christmas Hope is Obeying God with Questions Unanswered – it’s kinda fascinating to think about how normal people respond to God showing up. Mary’s faith and confidence was really inspirational for me personally and I think for lots of other people as well.

December 6th Message from Goshen Christian Reformed Church (www.GoshenCRC.org) from Luke 1:26-38 on Christmas Hope.

I have to know a lot to hope a little: I expect that from car mechanics. I expect that from doctors. And sometimes… I expect that of God. It’s a problem for me because God doesn’t usually give explanations.

But with God, hope isn’t anything like this. In today’s Christmas story we see that Mary didn’t much in order to obey a lot. For Mary, and let’s be honest – most of us hope is obeying God with questions unanswered

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