“There is a danger of community becoming me and my acquaintances talking about God— church for the Friends generation— middle-class twenty- and thirty-somethings’ church. This certainly is not true of all that calls itself emerging church, but it is a danger. Only the truth of the gospel reaches across barriers of age, race, and class. We often meet people reacting against an experience of conservative churches that has been institutional, inauthentic, and rigidly programmed. For them the emerging church appears to be the only other option. We meet people within more traditional churches who recognize the need for change but fear the relativism they see in the emerging church. For them existing models seem to be the only option. We also meet people within the emerging church movement who want to “do church” in a different way but do not want to buy into postmodern or post-evangelical notions of truth. We believe there is an alternative. We need to be enthusiastic about truth and mission and we need to be enthusiastic about relationships and community.”

Chester, Tim; Timmis, Steve. Total Church: A Radical Reshaping around Gospel and Community (Re: Lit Books) (pp. 17-18). Crossway. Kindle Edition.


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