I wanted to share some video I’ve posted in the last couple days – I think they’re hilarious (or possibly awesome..)… too good not to share at least.


The first video is from our Winter Retreat at Camp Spofford – The retreat was really incredible – hopefully I’ll also post some video of some of the spiritual things… but this video is the sad ending to a story that began by challenging a group of us to street hockey… a game that “got interesting” then ended in… well you can watch the video for yourselves.

The next video I shot on Friday, it was well after youth group – I was walking through church making sure everything was locked up – when I found a group of students (and one leader) up to no good… they were in a back room playing country music… actually it was pretty amazing – I had to get it on video…

These videos paint part of the picture of how fun our youth ministry can be right now. It’s an incomplete picture – I’d have to post a random picture of some of the Sr High guy small group crashing my the girls small group at my house… probably because some of the girls cooked awesome dessert. – It’s a really fun season of ministry with our students. We love these kids.

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