This is not my idea – you can find where I’m stealing it from here.

There are many things in life that I want to be REALLY intentional about, like how we celebrate Jesus at Christmas and Easter. There’s just too many things distracting us from what’s really important.

So, instead of an Easter basket – Miss C will be getting an Easter jar. It will be filled with some treats, and one egg. Within the egg – a verse, chosen by her parents, that we’ll be mindful of as we pray over her throughout the year.

This verse leaves me compelled. I read this, and I just want to follow him more. And when it was mentioned during the sermon yesterday – I decided this would be what I pray for my daughter.

When he saw the crowds,

he had compassion on them, 

because they were harassed and helpless,

like sheep without a shepherd.

matthew 9:36

So my sweet girl – it is my hope and prayer, that as you grow, that you will trust in Christ for your salvation, and grow like him. May you look at people and have compassion on them along with the wisdom to understand what they really need. Whomever is influenced by you, everyone from your little friends to the children of your own you might have – I pray that you will shepherd them with compassion – humbly leading them to Christ, knowing he is the good shepherd, the one they need. When others fail you and when you fail too – I hope you are drawn to Jesus and the grace he gives, for he sees you. He has compassion on you, and he has come to save you.


I took Miss C to Disney World, er…ah store.. She lovingly picked up this snow white doll and told me “Show Pop Pop.” Needless to say, Snow White came home with us.

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