Today is my brother Brad’s birthday! Happy Birthday big bro! We miss you very much.

When I think of Brad’s birthday, I always think of Elvis’ birthday because it’s the day before Brad’s, and the media always seems to focus on him around this time of year. One morning this past week I watched an interview with Priscilla Presley on the Today Show. I learned that if Elvis would have still been around, he would have been celebrating his 75th birthday. I was also intrigued by Priscilla’s answer when they asked her if Elvis was alive, what would he be doing now? She very straight-forwardly answered ” I don’t know if he’d be doing rock ’n’ roll right now; I think that maybe he’d be going into gospel. Maybe even preaching a little bit. He loved to teach and loved the Bible.” (click here to see the interview)

I’m a big Elvis fan, I love his music and wouldn’t mind if it were played at my funeral. Obviously he was struggling with something, to die from an over-dose.  I love the concept of “struggling” though because it gives me freedom to express that sometimes I don’t understand why God does things his way and it is hard for me to follow him.  I love when people who profess to know God can be honest and share their struggles.  Most of the time I see my relationship with God as a struggle – a tension between following my self’s desires vs. following God’s commands.

Perhaps I’m drawing nonsensical conclusions, but s I found Priscilla’s statement hopeful.  Imagining all the success Elvis had in the world–hel has at least one fan who was born more than a decade after he died!  I uttered a small prayer of thanks while watching the t.v. because I thought this was a testimony to God’s word, how it endures times and fads, fame, success, mistakes, wrong choices and death.

Thinking about Elvis – and figures like him – Johnny Cash is the first to come to mind – also reminds me that they are in a long line of people who knew who God was, but did not always trust the word God had given them and I am grateful that when their struggle was over, they were welcomed into God’s presence.

Adam, Abraham, David — all the way down to Elvis and Johnny Cash.

I hope years after my death someone will be able to make the remark “Ashley loved the Bible.”

I leave you with this video. May the words cause you to ponder God’s goodness.

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  1. amy January 9, 2010 at 8:07 pm - Reply

    Love this- I’m all about the struggle and the journey… Your post makes me think about how I’ve handled struggles in my past. Years and years ago I ran from God. Well, I tried to run from Him. And in my darkest hours when I was trying to detach myself from a God that I didn’t think understood me and was unfair, He was the most present. He never left. He never let me go no matter how hard I tried (and wow did I try). Now I like to think of Noah. Poor Noah was stuck on that ark with all of those stinking animals and his family (I don’t know which would be worse… jk) but he was there. He sat through the unknown, the crazy, the absolute hell that it must have been. He didn’t run from it. He didn’t jump ship, so to speak. He waited for God. And he sent out that dove repeatedly, even when it came back with nothing. He continued to seek out the Lord’s provision to bring him and his family through the struggle and desperation. His action was an action of faith- not an action of doubt. So when I’m struggling with something big, I try to embrace that fact that I’m there- I’m in the struggle- I cannot fake my way out of it. There is no point- the Lord has allowed me here for a reason. And then I just try to seek God through it- I want to keep sending out the dove knowing that at some point, it will return with a branch and there will be a glimmer of hope seeing what I know: that the Lord has not left me.

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