I got invited to a party…

Most church buildings are famously the most under-used real estate spaces in the world – with services on Sunday mornings, seldom in use during the week.

Goshen is not like most church buildings. – One of the groups we’re able to host is a non-profit that serves the special needs community. This team works at providing life enhancing services to individuals challenged by intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as those who are brain injury survivors. (https://www.livingresources.org)

If you attend worship here in person on a Sunday, you’ll see some of their vans in the parking lot – during each week day those vans are out picking up folks and taking them to programs and showing them them love and support. It’s not explicitly Christian, but frankly, it seems like many of the employees pick the job because they’re Christian, have a deep love for people, and like working out of a church building.

Pictured is the Staff who are in and off of church campus each week day. (Today they had a 80s themed New Years party today in the youth building). For privacy reasons, I’m not posting images of the many students – but please keep this team in your prayers. They spend their time serving a community that most of society quickly overlooks but God loves. And I’m thankful that we can help make this work happen.