The upside of living on and Island is that it’s surrounded by water. (there’s a quotable)  We’ve had a lot of fun taking Colette to the Fire Island Light House(several times actually). Last week we wanted to take her again but Field 5 of Robert Moses was closed from the hurricane damage – so we parked at field 3 and walked to field 5… you Long Islanders will appreciate why we didn’t want to walk to the light house after that. Colette loves being at the beach… now that I think about it we’ve been there every week for going on 5 weeks now – one night we switched her white noise app (yeah, we’re geeks) to a beach noise… and instead of falling to sleep, she stared giggling and moving her arms and legs fast.

Sam’s Beach Tweet: Dear little boy babies… Colette loves really long walks on the beach. This will be good to know in about 25 years when she can date.

We also finally took a day trip to went to Montauk where we walked around the shops and spent time at the  Point Lighthouse.  Colette has been really fun to take around – she loves the beach and enjoys looking around constantly.

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  1. Amy September 13, 2011 at 9:27 pm - Reply

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

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