I love to have conversations about things that give or threaten comfort. The weather here has been a story line in itself, and I’ll bet that most of you have started or engaged in hundreds of conversations about it in the last month. I’ll talk to perfect strangers, without hesitation, about all of the snow, record cold, driving hazards, or how much I look forward to Spring or want to escape to warm weather. I’ll divulge threats to my contentment at the drop of a hat. Or I’ll applaud every bringer of happiness – from vacations to desserts, to cute kids to cold remedies. And that’s what we were created to do. We naturally talk about things that bring us, or take away, our comfort. If we’re being honest, our conversations come from what our hearts love or fear. Jesus puts it this way when He says “…Out of the abundance of the heart [our] mouth speaks” (Luke 6:45b).

But I started to wonder – do my conversations really reflect my heart? – The problem is that we like to say that our only comfort is knowing that we belong both body and soul, in life and death to JESUS. But I wonder if someone could figure that out by overhearing our conversations? I wonder… if our comfort revolves around Jesus why don’t our conversations?

I think that if we found a local restaurant that gives us comfort, we’ll talk about it. If we discovered a coat company that made an exceptionally warm coat, we’ll talk about it. If we find the weather uncomfortable, we’ll talk about it… but I wonder how often Jesus and the comfort he provides come up in our conversations?

What if we could start talking about Jesus almost as much as we talk about any other comfort we have in life or death? – I don’t mean shouting scripture at strangers, but what if we would willingly offer reasons for our hope. What if we acted more hopeful or more comfortable than others and people had to ask us why? Maybe it would sound like offers to pray for people in their pain or frustration. Maybe it would mean thanking God, or at least reminding people of reasons to be grateful. Maybe it would just look like an unassuming smile. The best marketing is word of mouth, and I think if we’d start talking about our comfort, we’d see more and more people begin to taste and see that the Lord is good. Psalm 34:8

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Believes that the world would be a better place if people lived in the reality of what God has done for them. He's a husband, father, church leader, and follower of Jesus.

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