Historically, I have hated New Years Eve. For me, it always marked the end of the most enchanting and wonder filled time of the year. Perhaps that’s why I fell asleep around 11pm on the couch. It was my own passive-aggressive protest.

We’ve enjoyed a wonderful Christmas visiting family in Pennsylvania and then catching up with my family from the west here on the island. I’m not quite ready to let go of Christmas, so you might see some more posts about it. Miss C is at a delightful age. She has no idea that with Christmas comes presents, although she enjoys them when they appear. That takes the pressure off of us as parents.  I got a kick out of seeing my little cousins, who are not so little at all. I know this because my youngest cousin showed up wearing a sweater from my favorite store I had been eyeing. Since when do we shop at the same place?! The nerve of these kids growing up!! 😉

Since New Year’s we’ve been hit with a bug in our house. So there’s been a lot of snuggling and washing of laundry. I love the cuddles. Miss C is typically of the go go go mentality, and although I hate her being sick, I’m treasuring these simple moments of being a mama.

I’ve been making use of my couch time and tuning in to the Passion 2013 conference. The last session is available through tomorrow, but I highly suggest buying the $25 pass. You’ll get access to all the talks and sometime in March you’ll get the Passion 2013 cd delivered to your door. You can access it all through this link. My favorite

I don’t want to lock myself into resolutions, but I have some goals for this year. Over all, I want to be less of a consumer, more of a “producer.” Most of all I want to spend time with God daily. I want to be blogging more.

We didn’t set out to make this a routine – it just happened. On New Year’s Day I saw Scotty Smith’s book Everyday Prayers  (kindle version) was free. I downloaded it because I love what he writes for the Gospel Coalition Blog. Besides having a name I thought could only come from Hollywood, Mr. Smith writes some moving prayers that greatly remind me to refocus on the gospel. I’ve been reading these prayers out loud to Sam every night. We’ve been blessed by the simple and profound words. Highly recommended.

Everyday Prayers


Heavenly Father, while many clamor about and try to “claim” more blessings from you, may this be a year we come alive to the multiplied blessings you’ve already lavished upon us in the gospel.

_Scotty Smith/Everyday Prayers/from Jan. 2nd’s Entry

That’s my prayer for me, my Sam and all are loved ones this year. Cheers to a new year!

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  1. Amy January 5, 2013 at 9:21 am - Reply

    Thanks. Hope C is feeling better soon. Know what you mean about Christmas ending…Becca asked today if we could keep the tree up all year….maybe we will. 🙂

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