Off Council of Delegates (COD)

One of the least controversial decisions the CRCNA Synod 2022 did was to approve my replacement for the national board (Council of Delegates) :-).

I accepted the nomination 5 years ago in part because I really cared about local CRCNA churches in North America, in part because I had some complaints, and in part because.. well I was very new to the CRCNA and wanted to learn about what I had just joined.

It was in some ways wonderful – I appreciated the time I was able to spend with other leaders – the CRCNA is doing some amazing, under-celebrated things in North America and globally (google “World Renew” or “CRCNA Chaplaincy” or “Reframe” or “Resonate Global Mission”). I appreciated learning and getting stretched working through complex systems and issues as a growing leader (working through a nearly $40m budget).

I’m really proud of what we were able to accomplish. – I was elected as chair of Congregational Services and I loved working with Colin Watson – his passion for local churches and his work of aligning systems to serve them was contagious. We were able to revise the EPMC process, and work through the transition to a different fundraising model that elevated the power of local churches and we worked at protecting the most vulnerable. I then served as secretary for US Corporation and got to see and learn a lot. I’m convinced there are some really good things in our future as we serve Christ together.

At the same time it was exhausting. Navigating the sudden resignations of executives, working through justice appeals from local situations, trying to understand all of the conflicts between Canadian and the US – then adding a pandemic navigated by diverse churches in different parts of North America, and add to that some contentious issues from study committees. All while trying to explain to church leaders in our own classis what was going on, and then asking hard questions of staff and directors… – I’m sure I’ll post again about the CRCNA, but I’m ready for a bit of a break. – Have fun Anthony.

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