When it comes to parenting, every now and then I feel like I need a little pep talk from Jimmy Dugan(Tom Hanks) in a League of Their Own.

It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great.

Of course he was referring to baseball, but I’d say the same for parenting.

I have a sweet friend at church who always makes me laugh when giving  advice on parenting. I’ve really come to appreciate the calm she always brings to my calamity.  The first tid-bit I received  from her came when I was rushing (late) into church with my cranky, teething baby. Noticing I was stressed/frazzled/a mess/needing help she kindly, quietly said:

When my kids were teething, I took a little shot of whiskey, stuck my finger in it and rubbed it on their gums…then I finished the shot. The pediatrician said it was ok. 

If you find me rushing into church late and sneaking a flask into my purse – you know who to blame. We’re working on our molars over here. Just yesterday I saw her and she joyfully admired my sweet, almost 2 year old little girl.

Uh, oh…almost time for the terrible twos. They’re actually not that terrible. Your strategy just has to be to win. Win every time.

She just makes me laugh, and that is mostly what I need to do when the parenting days are long and full of a hundred little battles of BIG wills held by small people.  I hope when my children are grown, I’ll be able to encourage other young mothers  through humor and  a sentiment of  “this is just part of raising a child, I’ve been there and although it’s hard at times, it’s good.”

487282_672542464228_2100665192_n(PS these pictures were taken on a cross country flight – a particularly difficult time as a mom!!)

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