I preach at my church sometimes  – this last Sunday, given the upcoming holidays and possible holiday “drama”,  I was really burdened to talk about Peacemaking. If you missed it give it a listen. (it’s the recording from the early service, I think I was more confident the second time around)

Listen To Sunday’s Sermon:

Jesus says that people who make peace are happy and fortunate  because they look like God. (my paraphrase of Matt 5.9) – It’s a promise that raise as many questions as answers. What is the right way to make peace? We’re going to take some time this morning and look at the biblical model of  Peacemaker Ministries.  and look at how in all of life’s complexities and conflicts we can be people who make peace by acting like our Savior.



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Believes that the world would be a better place if people lived in the reality of what God has done for them. He's a husband, father, church leader, and follower of Jesus.

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