Praying for Dad

Thanks to everyone who was praying, thinking of and caring for my dad over this last week. I was a conference speaker last week at America’s Keswick – and my family came to see me. My dad was walking and took a really hard fall on concrete and hit his head and leg really hard. We rushed him to the ER and after hours we were really thankful to find out that his head/neck injuries only looked worse than they were (they looked really bad, but were ok). BUT his leg injury was far worse than it looked. It turned out to be a fractured upper tibia (with some complications). – After three days in two hospital emergency rooms he had an initial surgery (basically for supports to keep the bone in place while swelling goes down). And thankfully he’s able to return home to York, PA to wait for his next procedure.

It was an overwhelming couple of days but I’m glad that he seems to be ok and is now recovering/waiting for swelling to go down back home. My sister (Emily, RN) will be taking good care of him, and I expect Joey to be mowing the grass. God has been kind.