Soraya and I settled into the routines–and minor wonders–of married life.  We shared toothbrushes and socks, passed each other the morning paper. She slept on the right side of the bed, I preferred the left. She liked fluffy pillows, I liked the hard ones. She ate her cereal dry, like a snack, and chased it with milk.” –from The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Reading this brought a little smile to my face. I love the routines of married life, and felt some camaraderie with the author. We both see these small things as wonders.

I love that Sam and I have this somewhat silent agreement on whoever gets out of bed first tends to the dogs, and perhaps even makes coffee. If it’s bitter cold, Sam is dressed first and runs outside to start my car and turn the heat way up so it’s nice and warm by the time I head out the door.

These routine things, done fluidly and effortlessly, are part of just an ordinary day. Yet, they seem to possesses a power of their own–beautiful little stitches that reinforce us together when everything is status quo.

And so I wonder, what are the routines and minor wonders of your life?

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