One of my professors once started a class by asking “what are the first names of your great grandparents?”

Not one person knew the answer.

Point is – in two generations you will likely be forgotten, and I found that kind of humbling, so it’s spurred me to ask questions – even about mundane topics.

Last month I was able to visit my grandma. She lives on the west coast and tended to come east to visit us. So I haven’t really been in her house as an adult and cared to ask questions like “what were you like as ???? a young women?” or “were you as frightened after Pearl Harbor as I was after 9/11?”.

So I really enjoyed having the opportunity to look over her pictures and ask some of these questions – also, I found these pictures of her.  Visually, I’ve been finding them inspiring. I just love how women dressed in the 40’s. Whenever I watch a WWII period movie, I always wonder how did the women get their hair to do that. I asked my grandma – she said she can’t remember. She is in her 90’s, so I gave her a little grace. 😉

My grandma looks like an anthropologie model.



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