Today you will fight temptation, but not alone, because a Warrior Spirit lives i…

Today you will fight temptation, but not alone, because a Warrior Spirit lives inside of you and fights on your behalf.

I did it for my children again and again. Often they were unaware that I had done it. I did it in moments when they didn’t have the sense to do it for themselves. I did it with commitment and joy because I knew what the world that surrounded them was like and I knew the vulnerability of their hearts. What is this thing that I was committed to as a father? I did everything I could do to protect my children from evil.
I knew that they would minimize or forget two very important realities. First, they didn’t understand or would soon forget that they had been born into a dramatically broken world that is not functioning as God intended. They would forget that they woke up every day to a fallen world where real evil still exists. They often didn’t seem to understand that this meant they would face temptation of various kinds every single day of their lives. Their eyes would see things that God, in his original plan, never intended them to see. Their ears would hear things that they should not hear. The alluring, deceitful, and seductive pleasures of sin would be held before them again and again.
Second, they also tended to minimize or forget the sin inside of them. They didn’t seem to understand that the biggest danger to them was not the evil outside of them but the sin that still lurked with power in their hearts. This meant that they didn’t understand how vulnerable they were to the seductive voices of sin that would greet them every day. And when you forget how temptable you are, you don’t take precautions for your protection. So I knew that I had to work not only to protect my children from the evil in their environment, but also and more importantly to protect them from themselves.
God knows that we all are a lot like my children. We, too, minimize the fallenness of our world and the power of remaining sin, and when we do, we do not guard ourselves from temptation as we should. Isn’t it good to know that God in grace has placed his Warrior Spirit inside of us?