This sermon series started as a question ? I started thinking about how our world seems so fundamentally broken. I kept getting distracted by the technology that makes it really easy to see when hundreds of young girls get kidnapped in Nigeria by an evil dictator, or when suicide bombings strike Istanbul or when there’s a massacres over cartoons in France or when there’s shootings or riots in Ferguson, Missouri, or when any number of religious domestic scandals erupt.  Our WORLD – culture, government, society – is fundamentally broken, and we don’t know how to fix it.

And when we’re really honest, we don’t have to look around the world to find brokenness. As close and intimate as we go  it’s too easy come up with evidence that we ourselves are broken people, living with broken people, living in a broken world.  Our world is fundamentally broken. People are selfish, when they’re together we create broken systems.

My Question:  I started asking – “WHAT WOULD GOD SAY TO A BROKEN WORLD?”  – If God were to write an editorial in the NY Times publish it for everyone to see, what would He say? And I started asking is there a place in scripture where the world seems as broken as it seems today? When.. headlines sound this worrisome, or systems act as dysfunctional? Is there a place in scripture where there is profound national, international, religious confusion… a time where there was rapid change and technical advancement but it only seemed to advance corruption? Did God ever speak to people in a time when morality was failing and people were uncertain about what to do about it?


The search lead to a question that led me to a part of the Bible often overlooked.  – We even call it by a name that puts them down ? The MINOR prophets.

I discovered something amazing ? Powerful Words that are rarely spoken by Christians – often ignored, but hugely and powerfully influential… These Hebrew Books were invaluable to people who powerfully navigated and influenced equally trying times from St. Paul to William Wilberforce to Martin Luther King Jr. The 12 Minor Prophets speak words full of POWER speaking to make uncertain broken worlds better places.

My search for words to speak to a broken world brought me to an ambitious Goal ? – next 12 mornings sermons – We will give a blazing fast overview of the BIG messages from each of the minor prophets… Because what I discovered is that God has things to say to broken worlds – systems, people  – profoundly broken, and each of these books offer something powerful for us today. I’m convinced that if we take each of these prophets – messengers to heart, we can learn to speak powerfully, and in fact (not an exaggeration, or an over-sell) – Change our Broken Worlds.


About the Author:

Believes that the world would be a better place if people lived in the reality of what God has done for them. He's a husband, father, church leader, and follower of Jesus.

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