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Peace comes by focusing on God.

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!” Luke 2:14  In this time of year, the word “peace” is a commonly used greeting. It is [...]

What is HOPE? HOPE is a confident expectation

Caught in a strong riptide off the Pacific coast in Mexico, my sister and I drifted farther apart and farther from shore. Both knew the other was praying, hoping, knowing that [...]

31+ Reasons & 66 Bible verses that will help you not worry on election day.

"All [power] on earth is derivative, temporary, and limited, and in the case of abuse, more a curse than a blessing. But God is king in the absolute and true sense. The government of the [...]

Parents, your kids don’t belong to you.

"I am afraid that parenting confusion and dysfunction often begin with parents having an ownership view of parenting… It operates on this perspective of parenting: “These children belong to me, so I can parent them [...]

Church for the “Friends” generation

  "There is a danger of community becoming me and my acquaintances talking about God— church for the Friends generation— middle-class twenty- and thirty-somethings’ church. This certainly is not true of [...]

Government is YOUR job.

"God has ordained that man is to govern man, whether he wants to or not. This keeps socialism from being “it”; the socialistic scheme falls to pieces because it ignores the fact that human institutions [...]