“Consider what this passage says about who you are and what you have been given …

“Consider what this passage says about who you are and what you have been given as a child of God. God’s steadfast, faithful, and never-failing love has been placed on you even though you never could have done anything to earn or deserve it. But there’s more to say about this love. It never ceases. God will never give up on you. He will never walk away in disgust. He will never regret that he placed his love on you. He will love you just as much on your worst day as he does on your best day. This gift of love is yours forever.

But the passage says more. It announces that as God’s child, you have been blessed with eternal mercies that are new every morning. Consider what this means. There are fresh mercies for you today, formfitted for all the things you will face, both those that you know about and may worry about, and those that you don’t know about yet. God’s mercy isn’t generic. It is personal grace, situational care, and concrete help. It meets you right where you are and gives you just what you need. You get it as you need it and are given as much as you need. You don’t have to wonder about the supply of God’s mercy. It flows from a renewable font of grace that will never end. Yes, life this side of forever can be hard, but you’re not alone; you’ve been given sturdy love and new morning mercies—just what you need right here, right now. – Paul David Tripp