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Denominational Life

Non-denominational churches are getting all of the press these days. They tend to be more creative, more flexible – with far more of an independent entrepreneur, leader-driven culture.

This week I’m at a meeting of the CRCNA. I’m convinced that denominational churches are more stable and less prone to scandal. We tend to put a lot more effort into slow-moving, deliberative boundaries, policies and guidelines. We have a Book of Order (not kidding) with hundreds of pages of thought-out scenarios. Pastors and local leaders are both given direction deliberated by a long process over time by the collective bi-national church (Councils, Classes, Synods, Overtures, Appeals, etc) AND we are all held accountable to a wider group of people than just a local church.

Frankly, it’s a little boring and slow. BUT organizations that build for the long term, and are built on ideas instead of popular, charismatic leaders are better off in the long run. And I’m increasingly convinced over time that Christians are better off connecting with traditions than trends.